Blockchain based Ecosystem

Dyakon Ecosystem aims to Reshape payments in E-commerce .

Dyakon token (DYN) is a utility token that will be used to fuel the Dyakon Ecosystem.

About Us

Dyakon a utility token to be used in Our Ecosystem.

Why Dyakon Ecosystem?

Dyakon token has the ambition to serve as a good example in the modern token environment and be a positive impact on the merchants and buyers who have adopted virtual assets as a way of payment.

Problem Solved

In order to ensure the global usage of the Dyakon token the company has developed and will develop further an Ecosphere of products, services, and systems that enables the utilization of the token for both users and merchants.

Exchanges you can trade dyakon on!


Our tax fees are 8% on the buy and 15% for sell….Dyakon will  slowly  reduce the tax fee upto 0 % tax fee.

Buy Tax
Sell Tax

Token Distribution

There are 10,000,000,000 DYN in total, with 6,200,000,000 DYN in circulation; DYN demand is expected to grow in line with the token’s ecosystem and use cases. The allocation and distribution of DYN is as follows, which may be subject to change to align with the DYN development plan:


6,200,000,000 DYN Locked 


3,000,000,000 DYN


500,000,000 DYN


300,000,000 DYN

Dyakon Wallet

The Dyakon wallet is a multi-currency wallet that may be used to safely store a variety of digital asset,  Even the least technically savvy user may use the wallet to store, trade, and receive significant crypto-assets through a single point of contact.

1.Payment Solution.

Dyakon will have a built-in payment module that will
enable users to pay for specific items and services
within the Dyakon Ecommerce Platform.

2.Buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Dyakon will enables users to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies in a secure and simple manner.

3.Checking account balances.

The Dyakon dashboard will automatically display your
account balance in Dyakon Tokens and equivalent
fiat currency.

4. Peer 2 Peer Txn.

The Wallet will offer a multi-payment system that will Integrate with a variety of popular apps to make the Dyakon exchange payment procedure easier.

BNB Rewards

Earn $BNB in passive income by Holding our Dyakon  – 2% of every purchase, transfer, and sell transaction is immediately redistributed to $DYN qualified holders and claim

The Dyakon Shop

Upgrading the E-commerce world

The The is similar to an E-marketplace in that products, services, and values are exchanged digitally while connecting clients to merchants all over the world.


  • Token tailored-made for e-commerce
  • Token -trustable and sustainable.
  • Expanding market share for retailers,
  • Healthy merchant-to-consumer balance
  • A way to adequately tackle volatility
  • Low-cost transactions
  • Fast transactions enabling a hundred purchases in seconds

Pay With Dyakon Token

The unique selling point of Our Marketplace is that customers may make global transactions for any listed item (goods or services) directly into the merchant wallet using Dyakon Token or any other token in their Dyakon wallet


The will launch thousands of hundreds merchants offering a range of goods and services, and over the following two years, we want to expand to 50 nations.


Dyakon leadership team has created a realistic strategy outlining the milestones that have already been met as well as the targets that will be met in the next months and years. While this roadmap assists the founding body in having precise deadlines and deliverables, it also provides the community with a blueprint of development objectives and milestones.

2021 Q2 -Complete

Phase 1
  • Create Smart Contract
  • Launch the token (14/01/2022)
  • Launch the beta version of the website
  • Lock liquidity
  • CMC & Coingecko listing
  • 500+ holders
  • Cex listings

2022 Q1 -Complete

Phase 2
  • Intensified Marketing
  • 1000+ holders
  • 5 000 000 marketcap
  • New listing
  • 150 BNB buyback
  • Certik audit
  • Obtain wallet & exchange license

2022 Q2 -In Progress

Phase 3
  • New smartcontract launch and migration
  • New website launch
  • Buybacks & burn
  • Launch of E-commerce
  • More marketing campaigns
  • Migration to the old exchanges (XT.COM, Cointiger, )
  • Non- European licenses( Crypto activities; Forex; E-wallet

2023 Q1 -In Progress

Phase 4
  • Wallet launch
  • Major listings
  • Major partnerships
  • Massive marketing campaign
  • Buyback and burn
  • Reduction of our tax
  • 10 000 + holders
  • Crypto activities license

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